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Fuzzface EP

Fuzzface EP



Fuzzface was recorded in a 12' by 12' room, with myself and Nick Launay in between the making of Midnight Oil's 'Earth and Sun and Moon' and 'Breathe.'

I played nearly all the instruments and sang. The initial idea was to record 50% of it backwards.

The Great and Unknown...the alternate title was Patterson's Curse Rag which I rejected but now prefer.

Nick was right when he thought 'The Great and Unknown' sounded like an Icehouse song title (no disrespect intended).

Greg Wales played drums on this track as I couldn't nail the feel. He was a member of the Verys and recorded and co mixed Even's last record (with Nick). I met him at a Fauves gig for the first time and he jumped on the train the next day and jumped on the kit.

No gigs are planned.

Fuzzface sounds greater if played loud.

Fuzzface may record/ride again if the time is right.