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The Colour Wheel CD. Jim Moginie's Electric Guitar Orchestra.


The Colour Wheel is performed live by Jim Moginie and an ensemble of painters and electric guitar players including Kent Steedman (Celibate Rifles), Alex Young (Good Buddha), Michael Trifunovic (Aqualash), Tim Kevin (Youth Group, La Huva, The Exiles) and Matthew Steffen (Decoder Ring).

The Orchestra has recently performed at the Sydney Opera House Studio, The Festival of Writing and Ideas plus the Longitude Festival, Ireland, The College of Fine Art Sydney, Manly Art Gallery, MONAFOMA Hobart and a commisioned work by MONA and Architects of The Air for The Exxopolis Luminarium.

‘ The Colour Wheel set out to explore the connection between colour and music and achieved it beautifully, giving the audience a spiritual thrill ride.. ..and showed Jim Moginie’s smarts and wonderfully balanced ensemble writing.’ Megaphone OZ.

 ‘ ...provided the glue holding the festival together…a festival highlight.’ (At Mona Foma Hobart 2015) Adam Morton, SMH

Short film of the making of The Colour Wheel.

Interview in The Guardian

In ‘The Colour Wheel’with live painters creating a colour wheel alongside, Jim Moginie’s Electric Guitar Orchestra explores the attempts over history to prove the connection between music and colour, to create  synaesthesia , a field pioneered by Kandinsky, Klee, Schoenberg, and Bowral born artist, Roy De Maistre. A CD and double vinyl LP of the work has been released on Reverberama Records October 2015.

Electric guitar orchestras are not unknown in the US, pioneered by Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth amongst others.

Jim Moginie’s twenty-five year contribution to Midnight Oil cannot be understated, songwriter and musician in a blistering band which pioneered new ground, inflamed passions and challenged social justice and environmental concepts. Eleven ARIAs, an induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame and two songs – Beds Are Burning and Power and the Passion  are on the APRA Best Songs of All Time list. 

Moginie’s other projects include touring/recording two albums with The Break, a surf/space/rock themed outfit whose members are ex-Midnight Oil, Violent Femmes and Hunters & Collectors,  traditional Irish group and festival stalwarts The Tinkers, plus two solo works Alas Folkloric and No Vans Mary.  Jim has also recently toured here and in the U.S.A. and Canada as a guitarist with the Australian Chamber Orchestra Underground, and performing with ensemble in Hong Kong early November 2015.